About Us

We struck up a friendship in the workplace a year ago – despite the fact that you couldn’t find two people more different from each other if you tried. Really hard.

So what forged our bond? A burger ordered during an after-hours jaunt at a popular pub. Plump, juicy and perfectly seasoned, complemented by our (extra-strong!) cocktails. We had the same blissful expression after a couple of bites, and that’s when we knew. We both loved food, we both loved to drink, and how!

And now, it’s time to spread the love a little. Join us as we pay homage to our obsession. Welcome to The Fork Tales!

More on us –

Madhurima Ray:  A pure hedonist, she’s on a constant quest to seek out life’s pleasures, be it hot chai and pakoras in the rain, or a tall Long Island Iced Tea and calamari on a palm-fringed beach somewhere. Her experiments in the kitchen are nothing to write home about, reinforcing her belief that she was just born to eat. When she’s not checking out a new restaurant or bullying her friends into cooking her favourite desserts from their culinary repertoire, she can be found toting heavy shopping bags around malls, or meandering through book stores. Or dreaming about all the beautiful places in the world she hasn’t visited yet. Or about writing a novel. Or moving to Goa. She firmly believes that when life gives you lemons, it wants you to take a tequila shot!

Plavaneeta Borah: Known for a lot of qualities but she likes to believe that she is a cook first and then a writer. The sight or the mere mention of the word ‘food’ has her attention. But her friends would vouch for the fact that ‘spirits’ are her forte and one sees her in her bestest when holding a glass of ultra strong mojito. Watching her at a grocery store is entertaining. It is like letting loose a kid in a candy store. Resolutions, rules or limits are terms that she still fails to comprehend, let alone practice. She loves to travel and packs her bag and takes off as and when she pleases. Which is why the most commonly asked question to her is, “are you in town?” In short, she believes in living life full speed and fancies calling herself a pot-bellied hippie.



15 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hey can u’ll please share ur contact details

  2. Immanuel said:

    brilliant stuff 🙂

  3. Ruqiya Irum said:

    hi i too wanted to get in touch with you guyz, can i get your contact details?

  4. Chef Hemant Iyer said:

    Plavaneeta Borah and Madhu,

    Ok, you guys got me hooked .
    Like your blog and writing.

    Let us rock……….waiting for future encounters.

  5. Thanks Chef for taking time out to have a look at our blog and for the encouragement.

  6. Hi Can you’ll please share a contact number, would like to call and invite you’ll for a review of a restaurant. Will share further details on the call.

  7. cooking is not quite my claim to fame and eating neither….i guess you guys prbbly hate me already…but i love your work! I like your writing style and just that some hidden flavour that i cant quite identify…how does it matter..i like this blog!!

  8. I love it! Looking forward to reading about your adventures in the kitchen, or wherever it is that food beckons..! All the best to 2 lovely ladies.

  9. In awe of your blog! Absolutely beautiful, each post.

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